1How long can I rent for?
You can rent by the day, week or month. We specialize in renting for short term needs and events.
2How much does it cost to rent?
There are few factors on which price of a rental depend like: Quantity, Rental Duration, Location, Lead Time, Technical Specifications, and most importantly, Availability.
3Are the machines tested before being sent out?
All of our machines are tested, cleaned and virus-free. All machines are up to date with a version of the latest OS.
4How can I start renting?
For any business need, if you need equipment on rent, you can write us https://www.pconrental.com/contact and connect with our customer care. You would be asked for detail requirements; duration for which you want to rent the equipment, the payment and delivery option. Then Pconrental will deliver as well as collect the equipment(s).
5Do I need to provide any documents for verification in order to process my order?
You would be asked for the documents and the number/type of documents depends upon several factors such as location, order value etc. We try to be as flexible as possible in this regard and our representative will be there to guide you through the whole process.
6Can I extend my rental?
Equipment may be extended for duration beyond the original rental period but equipment not returned on time or delayed may result in additional fees.
7Can I cancel my order?
In case of order cancellation, a minimum rental needs to be paid, which depends on the Quantity and Duration of the equipment.
8What if the equipment is broken / stolen from my side?
Where equipment has been stolen and/or damaged beyond repair then full replacement value of the goods will be charged. Rental costs will be terminated as soon as you advise us, at which point payment is required for the equipment. If payment is not made then rental rates will continue until the settlement is made in full.
9Do you also repair all these equipment?
Of course, we do. For more information regarding this issue you can contact our sales representatives or you can leave us an email.
10Can the product be customized as per my choice?
Sure, one of our specialties will help you to design and build most of products. This flexibility allows modifying products to meet all of client’s requirements.
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